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Lenny Kravitz, the big hearted, diminutive Staten Islander faces the cruel, unrelenting recession of 2008. This new grad accountant/math major ends up hopelessly unemployed, then learns he has a serious medical condition.  Unbelievably, boldly, he overcomes his misfortune and becomes the hero of the hood. 
Number One Best Seller on Amazon.          A Hit With The Critics!    
“Another truly unique,
extraordinary, entertaining &
memorable novel by the
D’Agostino Brothers.  Very Highly
Recommended.” - Midwest Book
Review.    “Captivating,” “a hoot and a half,”  Gillian Hancock - Goodreads “Entertainingly comedic . . . funny and feel good. Win-win!” Claire Middleton - Goodreads; Barnes & Noble “Fast-paced, energetic and darkly wisecracking and amusing - and with a great message at the end, "Too Good for the Hood" was nothing like I expected it to be - it was even better!” - Nicola Flood - Indie Book Reviewers “Impressively conceived grounded in a gritty reality that feels authentic and comical at the same time” - Steph Coleman - Indie Book Reviewers
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Penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in Chicago, this undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the 1 st  man to walk on Mars.  He accepts, seeing it as a chance to reinvent himself and earn 3 million dollars. The 19 months journey takes its toll on his psyche, but with the support of his friends, his girlfriend, the mission to Mars is successful.  However, he returns to publicly question the wisdom of manned missions to Mars as a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.
“Spellbinding mix of drama, sci-fi, and humor, delivered in a style that is inimitable, and featuring awesome, just awesome characters on a rollicking ride to Mars and back” -  Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite     “Incredibly well written and funny, with plenty of laugh out loud lines ... full of drama, excitement, adventure, humor…”  -  Anne Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite “A work of great entertainment… perfect blend of sci-fi and comedy with powerful satirical undercurrents” - Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite “One of the most enjoyable space books I have read in a long time” - CATHY - Goodreads “Well-written, creatively funny, and incredibly entertaining…engrossing and complex story that was funny, original and insightful” - Cody Brighton - Indie Book Reviewers “Enlightening and entertaining than anything, while also being introspective… strong, energetic narrative and the quick-witted character dialogue pulled me in” - Laura Clarke - Indie Book Reviewers “This book will take a reader screeching through the pages because it is a very good story!” -  Steph Coleman- Indie Book Reviewers
 A Laugh Out Loud
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Vladimir Ruska, the shiftless Russian American immigrant and corner cutter, gets kicked out of the U.S. for violating his visa, piling up thousands of dollars in unpaid traffic tickets.  He returns to his rural town in Russia, and with his relatives, starts an unbelievably successful rip-off McDonalds restaurant called McRuskies.  What happens next?  Read the story.  Clue:  The whole family ends up in New York City. living very successfully! 
       What are the Critics Saying? “An extraordinary, unique, and consistently entertaining read from cover to cover, "Back to Sovietsky" is one of those deftly crafted novels that will linger in the mind and memory long after it has been finished and set back upon the shelf.” -   Midwest Book Reviews, Jan. 2018 “A spellbinding story that vividly captures elements of Russian culture, exploring what it feels like for a Russian to survive in the US, but the greatest fun comes along with the authors' gift for humor and characterization. The writing is exceptionally good and the mimicking of the Russian accent comes across neatly through the dialogues, offering readers a lot of laughter as they read on. Back to Sovietsky is a wonderful read with characters that readers will enjoy. It's a wonderful, delightful, rollicking comedy.” -  Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite “Beautifully crafted dialogues is brilliant and readers will undoubtedly be entertained hugely. The writing is superb, the pacing swift, and the entire story balanced and deftly written. A story with powerful themes like family, patriotism, dreams, and many others neatly woven into the plot.”  -  Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite             
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Number One Best Seller on Amazon 9/17/2018      Thriller-Horror!!!
 A Hit With The Critics!
An inherently riveting read from first page to last by the team of Michael and Danny D'Agostino, it should be noted that "Beasts Shall Reign Over the Earth!" is a deftly crafted detective thriller” –  Midwest Book Review “The tension and suspense throughout was excellent, and the descriptive writing was faultless. A superb story from start to finish with tension and thrills in abundance” -  Lesley Jones, Readers Favorite “The characters, the plot, the pictures of life in Manhattan all come together to make a great book. This is crime writing at its finest and I look forward to reading more books by these two writers.” – Ray Simmons, Readers Favorite “Woah, what an insane book . . .  There is so much mystery and intrigue and ‘what the heck is happening here’ that you can’t help but want to keep reading more and more.” – Stacy Decker, Indie book Reviewers “Let the bodies hit the floor! Yikes! This book is definitely not for the faint of heart or easily spooked…or grossed out.  It is downright creepy and at times quite unnerving and the authors hold nothing back in terms of delivering the gross-out factor.” – Cody Brighton, Indie Book Reviewers “Dark and unpredictable and really twisted.” – Annabella Johnson, Indie Book Reviewers
The year is 2018. It's August. New York City is sweltering, baking under unrelenting heat and humidity. Added to this misery is a wave of grotesque maulings of dogs in Lower Manhattan. Rookie Detective Teresa Rodriguez of the 5th Precinct and her partner and soon-to-retire mentor, Detective Morgan Jackson, set out to solve the mystery. To their shock, they uncover a genetic mutation so grisly, so savage that it threatens all New York City, plunging the city into a reign of terror.
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  Four young, broke L.A. dudes, the urban hip generation, find an abandoned, rusted-out  CIA project in a junkyard - a talking, half human robot.  When they bring it home and power it up, they soon discover they have a half black "bro," half robot on their hands with an outrageous, sarcastic personality, a fact they learn right quick.  After repairing Robobro and updating all of his electronics, they discover he has unique powers for urban combat, which the boys employ to rid dangerous gangs and bad guys from one of L.A's most crime ridden neighborhoods. 
You Don’t Mess With          Robobro!!!
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Stan and Leroy Hangjab, two street- wise detectives from the Southside of Chicago, and the precocious 14 year old Richard T. McCormick the 4th, rescue the City of Chicago from the clutches of the evil DNA genius, Dr. Franklin Norman Stein and his mutant humanoid creatures.  Pandemonium and chaos break out when Stein's ferocious creatures threaten the fate of the entire the city of Chicago.   The Critics Have Spoken.
"Superbly produced, bluntly humorous, outstandingly written." -  Midwest Book Review "Outrageousness, hard-boiled detective fiction, hardy series of guffaws can cloud your vision." -  Rich Gotshall, Indianapolis Star "Fantastic.  I was astounded." - Thomas Fortenberry, Charlotte, N C "A wonderful mixture of comedy and science fiction." - Harold McFarland, Readers Preference Reviews "Kudos to Danny D'Agostino." -  Anthony Buccino, Reviewer/Writer, Nutley, New Jersey
 A Laugh Riot!
On Black Friday, beware!  If Edna and her sister Eleanor are shopping for new shoes, you best not get in their way, or you could get hurt!  Poor Fred, Edna’s husband has to put up with all the shopping.  It’s driving him nuts.  It’s her sister, Eleanor.  Fred is convinced she is plotting against him.  “Of all the gin joints, tanks towns, and bars on the Southside of Chicago, you had to bring home this one!”  That’s Eleanor.
The best critics in the world gave this story a thumbs up.  We have seen audiences laugh because it is also a play that has been performed numerous times in Chicago.  Above all, we trust the reaction of real audiences.
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         It’s our holiday trilogy: “Too Good For The Hood” “NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars - For What!!!” “Back to Sovietsky”
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